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Editor’s Picks: Can vaccines be mandated? | Marketing speak decoded | Pandemic-era holiday shopping from bizarre to trendy

Vaccines for COVID-19 are headed to the market at lightning speed. The quicker the better for those eager to return to some sort of normal. That’s not to say there isn’t anxiety as the vaccine becomes available. And employers are wrestling with whether they should mandate vaccines for workers.

On Legal Talk Today, host Laurence Colletti speaks with labor and employment lawyer Christine Bestor Townsend to break down which employers are likely to require vaccines, who can say no, what accommodations might look like, and the templates firms can develop to help clients navigate this uncharted territory.

Legal Talk Today

Can the Boss Mandate the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Legal Marketing: Defined, demystified, and decoded

During two recent shows, experts demystify marketing from terms to processes whether lawyers are doing their own outreach or are overseeing staff or consultants.

On New Solo, host Adriana Linares interviews marketing expert and author Seth Godin and Clio CEO Jack Newton. The wide-ranging discussion, in Godin’s signature tweetable and relatable style, covers the difference between entrepreneurs and freelancers, niche practices that spark passion, and making the leap to solo. 

New Solo

What New Solos can Learn from Han Solo

On Lunch Hour Legal Marketing, hosts Gyi Tsakalakis and Conrad Saam continue their mission to make marketing accessible and understandable. They define the term UTM parameters from its pre-Google history to its power reveal key metrics and improve the client-intake process.

Lunch Hour Legal Marketing

Demystifying UTM and its ‘Automagical’ Powers

Pandemic-Era Shopping: Bizarre buys and must-haves

Jared Correia, host of Legal Toolkit, reveals the, um, unique pandemic purchase he made this year. Before listening, guess whether it was:

  1. An inflatable water park
  2. 30+ baseball caps
  3. A reindeer
  4. An industrial-sized storage bin 

Listen in to hear Jared and veteran journalist Bob Ambrogi review the top legal tech news of the year.

Legal Toolkit

Peculiar Pandemic Purchases, the Legendary Bob Ambrogi, and Our Spotify Contest-Winner Rump Roast

For more conventional lawyer-centric gift ideas, check out Thinking Like a Lawyer’s discussion of Above the Law’s “Lawyer Holiday Gift Guide.”

Above the Law - Thinking Like a Lawyer

‘Tis The Season For Law School Exam Screw Ups


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