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Editor’s Picks: Gifts for lawyers | Mayflower Compact 400 years later | How ‘Profit-First’ can help grow a practice

Looking for the perfect gift for a tech-loving lawyer? Want some legal history trivia fodder to share with family and friends? These latest episodes have you covered. 

Plus, learn how to play to win a guest spot on Legal Toolkit.

Gifts for Lawyers: 20 gadgets to consider for holiday shopping

Ever the listener-favorite, The Digital Edge hosts Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson review the latest tech gadgets for legal professionals in their annual gifts episode, ‘Tech Toys for the Holidays!’

Items reviewed this year include personal favorites, big-ticket items, and reasonably priced must-haves from a Clean Pod UVC sterilizer and a wireless version of LegalBoard, to a personalized fitness Mirror. The complete gift list with links is on the episode landing page.

The Digital Edge

‘Tis the Season: Tech Toys for the Holidays 2020

Legal History: The Mayflower Compact’s legacy of self-governance
Pilgrims signing the Mayflower Compact, onboard the Mayflower, Nov. 11, 1620. Painted by T.H. Matteson ; engraved by Gauthier, Library of Congress collection.

On Nov. 11, 1620, male travelers aboard the Mayflower signed a compact, a self-government document that lives on more than 400 years later.

University of North Dakota School of Law Prof. Julia Ernst is a descendant of passengers aboard the ship and has studied the legacy of the Mayflower Compact. In a Legal Talk Today interview with Laurence Colletti, she shares legal history tidbits and namedrops famous descendants who can claim their ancestors also were aboard.

Legal Talk Today

Mayflower Landing: 400th Anniversary

Business of Law: How a counterintuitive profit-first model can increase profits, save time, and improve business relationships

One obstacle for law firm owners to overcome is learning that while one primary reason for a practice is to help people, the business’s objective is to serve the business owner. Un-billable Hour host Christopher Anderson says in his latest episode that he gets a lot of pushback on the idea but says understanding this core business objective can help firms better serve clients.

Coming to grips with that and learning how to put profit first cleared a path for a stronger financial strategy for North Carolina family lawyer Jenny Bradley. She shares how she strengthened her business model and improved business relationships along the way.

The Un-Billable Hour

Profit First: Helping Law Firm Owners Serve Their Clients Best

Play to Win: Listen to Legal Toolkit’s custom Spotify list to win a chance to appear as a guest on the show. 

In the latest episode of his re-tooled Legal Toolkit, host Jared Correia announces a brand-oriented contest using songs he pulled together on a Spotify playlist. He also chats with Documate’s founder Dorna Moini, whose company is helping lawyers build legal products without having to code.

Legal Toolkit

The Unkillable Billable Hour, Productizing Legal Services, and the Rump Roast: Double Jeopardy!

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