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ICYMI: Three Hot Topics from Dark Money Politics to Free Speech and COVID-19

by Molly McDonough

These three episodes can help you: Take a break from the real world of nasty election politics and dive into a fictional one. Find out how to quit selling and help clients buy. Take a closer look at Covid-19 shutdowns and Ohio’s liability shield.

ONE: If the real world is taking its toll, voting rights lawyer turned novelist Steven Wright has an escape route. Modern Law Library host Lee Rawles explores the world of dark money campaigns and election chicanery in Wright’s book “The Coyotes of Carthage.” Wright shares his real-world experiences that inspired the characters, plot and location of his story. He and Rawles talk about his journey to creative writing, teaching his University of Wisconsin Law School classes remotely, and his plans for a TV series based on his book.

ABA Journal: Modern Law Library

Voting rights attorney tells a tale of dark money chicanery in ‘The Coyotes of Carthage’

TWO: In the Kennedy Mighell Report, hosts Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell take on a major pain point for lawyers: selling their legal services. Their guest, business industry expert Bob Moesta, founder of The Re-Wired Group, explains how lawyers can find more sales success if they quit selling. Instead, Moesta says lawyers should walk in their client’s shoes, see what they see, feel what they feel, and learn what outcomes they need as opposed to services they’re seeking. 

Kennedy-Mighell Report

Demand-Side Sales with Bob Moesta — How Quitting Selling Helps You Create a Better Client Experience

THREE: Legal Talk Today’s host Laurence Colletti speaks with constitutional law Professor Eugene Volokh about Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 shutdown order and what made it run afoul of free speech protections. Colletti explores another pandemic-related topic in an episode taking a look at Ohio’s COVID-19 liability shield.

Legal Talk Today

Pennsylvania’s UnConstitutional Shutdown Order

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Molly McDonough, a longtime legal affairs journalist, is a producer for the current events show "Legal Talk Today." She also is a media and content strategist with McDonough Media LLC. McDonough previously served as editor and publisher of the ABA’s flagship magazine, the "ABA Journal." She writes about access to justice at "A Just Society."