ICYMI: President’s Health a National Security Issue? | Video Discovery Tips | Firms Downsize Office Space

Hosts with the Legal Talk Network took on a wide range of topics, many touching on Covid-19-related issues. 

Some notable episodes to add to your playlist cover national security and physical health, what discovery looks like in an era of Zoom meetings, and law firms looking to embrace remote work and reduce expensive real estate overhead.

Dr. Sean Conley, President Trump’s physician, gives an update on the president’s condition and his treatment for coronavirus. Screenshot from C-SPAN coverage.

On Lawyer 2 Lawyer, host J. Craig Williams speaks with healthcare lawyer Harry Nelson about what the American public deserves to know about the president’s health. The two discuss national security implications and closer to home, and the duty of employers to keep their employees, including White House staff, safe.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer

The President, COVID-19, and Impact on the American Public

The State Bar of Texas Podcast dives deeper into ADA, with employment lawyer Kelli Fuqua explaining what employers need to know to comply with ADA protections and ways to help best accommodate employee needs during the pandemic.

State Bar of Texas Podcast

Keeping Employees Safe at Work — ADA Considerations in the Age of COVID

On Digital Detectives, discovery experts Doug Austin and Brett Burney share tips and best practices for audio and video discovery when so many meetings and events are live via Zoom and other video meeting platforms. 

Digital Detectives

“Zooming” Into 2021 with Audio/Video Discovery

On the Legal Rebels Podcast, ABA Journal reporter Lyle Moran speaks with real estate law expert Sherry Cushman, of Cushman Wakefield, about how law firms and looking to cut costs in part by reducing their physical property footprints. 

ABA Journal: Legal Rebels

Firms of the future: COVID-19 prompts more law firms to pursue real estate downsizing

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