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Remote Work – Keep America Moving!

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As Americans, we are usually challenged to meet a variety of hardships, whether in our midst or abroad. Today’s COVID-19 happenings are both. It is extremely important NOT to overreact. We must carry on in safe, rational, and measured ways… Panic is not our friend.

It is vital to keep as much of the economy going as possible. Obviously, we should take reasonable precautions and be mindful of the needs of others. Business is critical right now. Every job matters and supply lines must be maintained. Everyone needs a roof over their head and food on the table. The best thing we all can do is work. 

Inspired by the social sharing from wonderful attorneys, bar associations, and organizations everywhere, we compiled a list of articles about remote working in this Open Document. Please forgive its simplicity. We wanted to make it super easy to share additional information as it’s discovered. Please feel free to add your favorite sources on the subject. 

In case you were wondering, Legal Talk Network is already working remote with operations at 100%. We are committed to helping the legal profession stay informed. To follow our growing list of podcasts and coverage dedicated to COVID-19 and disaster preparedness, click here.

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