TECHSHOW Today 2018

Whether you missed ABA TECHSHOW or just miss it, TECHSHOW Today has you covered with interviews featuring some of your favorite legaltech faces. Whether it’s strong women transcending labels, blockchain making legal transactions more secure, or law students taking on the future of technology, these live conversations summarize the innovative and creative minds that characterize ABA TECHSHOW.

TECHSHOW Today: The Chairs of ABA TECHSHOW 2018

What’s happening at ABA TECHSHOW 2018? Hear directly from the chairs themselves, Tom Mighell and Debbie Foster, as they talk about this year’s hot topics, new tracks and programs, notable vendors, and the importance of the social events, like the 5k and Taste of TECHSHOW dinners.

TECHSHOW Today: The Women of Legal Tech

Hear words of encouragement and support from some of the leaders and experts of the legal tech space… who also happen to be women. Adriana Linares, Natalie Kelly, and Nicole Bradick discuss what skills the legal tech industry needs the most right now, the importance of acknowledging women as the experts they are, and how they are building a community of legal tech women that support each other, all while sharing tips for young women seeking to succeed in a male-dominated workplace.

TECHSHOW Today: Securing Law with Blockchain

Once you understand it, you start seeing the potential applications for blockchain everywhere. And there’s no better guests to help you understand how blockchain works than David Fisher and Trent Carlyle. Tune in as they talk about the various applications of blockchain, how it establishes security and authenticity, and how their companies are currently allowing blockchain to add functionality to their existing software.

TECHSHOW Today: Law Student Perspectives

Being a 21st century lawyer means knowing how to use available technology to better serve your clients. This means, in order to keep up, law students have to understand how this technology works and how to apply it. Law Student Justin Evans and recent graduate Irene Mo weigh in on how their curriculum at school and the projects they’ve worked on have helped prepare them to enter into the legal tech industry.

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