Live Blog of the Global Legal Hackathon from Legal Talk Network

12:00am 2/26  – Denver

Steve O’Dorisio, Adams County CO Commissioner, announces the winners of the Denver chapter of the Global Legal Hackathon –


10:30pm 2/25  – Denver

We interview the judges of the competition. Podcast to come!


9:00pm 2/25  – Denver

Judging begins.

Legal Hackathon Judges


7:02pm 2/25 – Denver

Chad Jolly, Software Developer at Legal Talk Network and, talks hopefully about taking home the gold with his teams project this evening.


10:44 2/25am – Denver

Checking in from the Denver location of the #GlobalLegalHackathon. Teams are making their final push towards the finish line.


10:30am  2/25 – New York City American Express Headquarters

After a late night pivot in their app concept, the NYC🍎 winners of the 🌎Global Legal Hackathon, Max Paterson and Zeke Hughes, make their final adjustments to their talking app (Rights Now) which provides legal information to people when they are getting pulled over by the police. Tune in to hear Max and Zeke get real live feedback from perfect strangers as well as an early version of their pitch… before the final presentations.

@patersonmax  @ZekeHughes  #GLH2018  #GlobalLegalHack


3:00pm 2/24 – New York City American Express Headquarters

Team Credible sits down for a quick interview about their blockchain CLE tracking app with members John, Slavko, Ryan, Sunny, Lucas, and Stephanie.

@johnscrudato   @christianllang  #GLH2018  #GlobalLegalHack


1:11pm 2/24 – Denver status…Hackin’ and Rockin’ to “Hackathon Jukebox – Denver”


1:30pm 2/24 – New York City American Express Headquarters

Priscilla Fasoro stops by to survey LTN executive producer Laurence Colletti about their “Turbo Tax for Estate Planning” app, its potential usefulness, and features/functions.


11:45am 2/24 – New York City American Express Headquarters

Summarized “fly on the wall” audio of Olivier Van Borsel’s team creating an Easy Access Incorporation Tool.

@vanborsel  #GLH2018  #GlobalLegalHack


8:32am 2/24 – Denver


10:00am 2/24 – New York City American Express Headquarters

Summarized audio of Brian Kuhn and Raphael Sacks of @IBMWatson discussing the Watson Knowledge Studio, its purpose, and the upcoming demo for participants of the Global Legal Hackathon.

@lexcuriae @IBMWatson  #GLH2018  #GlobalLegalHack


9:34pm 2/23 – Denver

Naveen Mishra of Standard Meta talks about why he’s excited to join the Global Legal Hackathon and self regulation in cryptocurrency.

Find out more at or on twitter @standardmeta


9:18pm 2/23 – Denver

Interview – Anmol Nuggehalli

Anmol Nuggehalli, a current TransAmerica customer service representative and aspiring lawyer, talks about utilizing the Global Legal Hackathon to network and develop his skills by joining a team!


8:55pm 2/23 – Denver

Interview – Mila Popovich

Mila Popovic of Global Women in Blockchain talks about why women and minorities are so important to the world of legal technology as it transforms and generates change.

Reach out to Mila at @MilaPopovich


8:37 2/23 – Denver

Interview – Jack Grow

Jack Grow, President of LawToolBox and judge for the Denver location of the #GlobalLegalHackathon, talks about his experience working with developers and his excitement
as the event kicks off.


8:25pm 2/23 – Denver

Interview – Christopher Osbourne

Christopher Osbourne, Director of IT and Software Development for Answer1, is at the Global Legal Hackathon to find out what exactly the legal space wants in terms of technology as well as pitch an idea of his own!


8:11pm 2/23 – Denver

Interview – John Carpenter & Nina Nichols

John Carpenter of Global Blockchain Summit and Nina Nichols of Global Women in Blockchain talk about the ideas they loved at the Hackathon tonight as well as the upcoming Global Blockchain Summit on April 19th & 20th.

You can find out more information about the event at:

You can also follow them on twitter at: @gblockchain1 and @Ninanichols


7:42pm 2/23 – Denver

Interview – John Benjamin

John Benjamin, 3L Law student at the University of Missouri, shares his idea for the Global Legal Hackathon. He hopes to create an application for victims of cyberstalking. John has a development background and a passion for access to justice. Reach out to him at [email protected]


6:00pm 2/23 – Denver

Let the hacking commence!


5:30pm 2/23 – Denver

Global Legal Hackathon Denver – Information Slides


5:20pm 2/23  – Denver

Hackers have arrived and are discussing the solutions they might be interested in making for the legal industry. Lots of incredible developers and people in legal who are putting together ideas.


7:00pm 2/23 – New York City at American Express Headquarters

A summarized version of the opening statements kicking off the Global Legal Hackathon 2018 ending with a list of the ideas before the voting began.

@worldhackathon @AmericanExpress GLH2018  #GlobalLegalHack


6:00pm 2/23 – New York City at American Express Headquarters

Audio interview recorded at the cocktail meet n’ greet with some of the participants about why they are at the Hackathon, what roles they are going to play, and how people are teaming up.

@AmericanExpress GLH2018  #GlobalLegalHack


11:20am 2/23  – Denver

Welcome to Legal Talk Network’s live blog of the Global Legal Hackathon event! We’ll be reporting from Denver, New York, and maybe even Toronto! Stay tuned for audio clips and pictures too.


Special thanks to our co-hosts, ESQ Legal and Global Blockchain Summit!

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Global Blockchain Summit


Also, special thanks to our sponsors, and Sherman and Howard.

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