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ABA Midyear Meeting 2018

American Bar AssociationCast against the majestic topography of Vancouver Canada, this year’s ABA Midyear Meeting clearly indicated that the American Bar Association is carrying out its numerous missions as quickly as ever. This largest voluntary professional organization in the world remains at the crossroads of the today’s most pressing social issues like women leaving the profession, homeless youth, legal needs of veterans, substance abuse, LGBT rights, and diversity and inclusion.

Included but not limited to, this meeting also addressed rising costs in legal education, the death penalty, lawyer wellness, advertising rules, women in politics, compounding pharmacies, and the needs of the small firm and solo. Despite being billed as a meeting-centric gathering (meaning less presentations), we were able to catch up with many key volunteers and representatives to discuss the latest developments. Of particular interest are our interviews with ABA President Hilarie Bass and President-Elect Bob Carlson as they laid out plans and objectives for this year and next.

The following series of audio interviews comprises our coverage of the American Bar Association’s 2018 Midyear Meeting in Vancouver, Canada. Thank you to all of our hosts and guests (listed below).


ABA Midyear 2018: President Hilarie Bass on Homeless Youth, Women in Law, and Education

Legal Talk Network visits ABA President Hilarie Bass for a conversation about women leaving the profession, homeless youth, the wellbeing of legal education, ABA Legal Fact Check, and diversity and inclusion.


ABA Midyear 2018: Introducing President-Elect Bob Carlson

ABA President-Elect Bob Carlson sits down for a discussion about this year’s American Bar Association missions and objectives as well as some early designs for his upcoming tenure as president.


ABA Midyear 2018: A Look at Capital Punishment in the U.S.

ACLU Director of Capital Punishment Project Cassandra Stubbs stops by to discuss capital punishment, bias in its use, extradition treaties, and how U.S. policy compares to Canada and Mexico.


ABA Midyear 2018: Getting to Know the National Association of Bar Executives

Hosted by Jim Calloway, this episode features incoming president of the National Association of Bar Executives, Karen Hutchins. Together they discuss NABE and its role with the various bar associations that belong to its ranks.


ABA Midyear 2017: Challenges and Rewards for Women in Politics

Attorneys General Ellen Rosenblum (Oregon-Current) and Suzanne Anton (British Columbia-Retired) sit down for a conversation about the challenges, both personal and professional, for women in politics.



ABA Midyear 2018: Fighting Implicit Bias in Law and Beyond

Co-hosts Jim Calloway and Joe Patrice are joined by Rosevelie Marquez Morales, Rhonda Hunter, and Tommy Wells to discuss implicit bias, how to detect it, and how to fight against it.


ABA Midyear 2018: The ABA’s Opioid Summit

Jack Young sits down with Jim Calloway for a conversation about the opioid addiction epidemic and how the ABA’s Opioid Summit will seek to address the issue for lawyers affected by it.


ABA Midyear 2018: How Lawyers Can Help Homeless Youths

Casey Trupin, Michael Santos, Angela Vigil, Melanie Redman, Darla Bardine, and Stephen Gaetz join host Jim Calloway to talk about the ABA’s world-wide initiative to help homeless youth and address their legal needs.


ABA Midyear 2018: Compounding Pharmacy Fraud Defense

Kevin Napper and Nina Marino stop by to discuss legal defenses for pharmacies who find themselves the subject of a federal or local investigation for creating specialized medications.


ABA Midyear 2018: Rules of Lawyer Advertising

Linda Shely sits down for a conversation about the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct as well as some possible suggestions to amend them.


ABA Midyear 2018: Is Online Dispute Resolution a Reality?

Colin Rule joins co-hosts Adriana Linares and John Stewart for a discussion about online dispute resolution and how it could be used to close the access to justice gap.


List of Participating Hosts and Guests (in alphabetical order):

  1. Suzanne Anton (Attorney General Retired-British Columbia)
  2. Darla Bardine (Executive Director of the National Network for Youth)
  3. Hilarie Bass (ABA President)
  4. Jim Calloway (Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Management Assistance Program)
  5. Bob Carlson (ABA President-Elect)
  6. Laurence Colletti (Executive Producer for Legal Talk Network)
  7. Stephen Gaetz (Director of the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and the Homeless Hub)
  8. Rhonda Hunter (Chief of the Juvenile Division of the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office)
  9. Karen Hutchins (President-Elect NABE and Executive Director of Arkansas Bar Association)
  10. Adriana Linares (Chair of the ABA TECHSHOW 2017)
  11. Nina Marino (Attorney)
  12. Rosevelie Marquez Morales (East Coast Diversity Director of Sidley Austin LLP)
  13. Kevin Napper (Attorney)
  14. Joe Patrice (Editor at Above the Law)
  15. Melanie Redman (President & CEO of A Way Home Canada)
  16. Ellen Rosenblum (Attorney General-Oregon)
  17. Colin Rule (Vice President for Online Dispute Resolution at Tyler Technologies)
  18. Michael Santos (National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty )
  19. Linda Shely (Former Director of Lawyer Ethics for the State Bar of Arizona)
  20. John Stewart (President-Elect Designate of the Florida Bar)
  21. Cassandra Stubbs (ACLU Director of Capital Punishment Project)
  22. Casey Trupin (Raikes Foundation’s Youth Homelessness Strategy)
  23. Angela Vigil (Executive Director of the Pro Bono Practice at Baker McKenzie)
  24. Tommy Wells (Partner at Maynard, Cooper & Gale, PC)
  25. Jack Young (Chair of the American Bar Association Senior Lawyer Division)

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