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Evolve Law Summit: Bootstrapping Innovation

Evolve Law

In terms of legal conferences, Evolve Law’s Summit was a first for us. It quickly became clear that this exclusive by-invite-only event was not to be measured by quantity of people but rather by who was there and what they were doing. In terms of attendees, they fell into two primary categories: entreprepreneur and investor.

Set in motion by Evolve Law founders Mary Juetten and Jules Miller, the Summit’s main purpose was to help forge new mutually beneficial relationships for those businesses and investors who serve the legal profession. The event venue was very fitting. It was held at the Galvanize West Soho campus in New York City where the collaborative work space’s white boards, meeting nooks, exposed ceilings, and oceans of open space scream “think outside the box”.

And that’s what they did…

For one day, attendees heard about what matters to investors, learned how to approach strategic partnerships, and were paired via app for one-on-one meetings which had the potential to turn into new business opportunities. And of course what conference would be complete without a social networking event at the end?

To learn more about what who was there and what was discussed during the panels and meetings, please tune into the audio interviews and reference the list below:

Evolve Law Summit: What is It?

Jules Miller and Mary Juetten, co-founders of Evolve Law, discuss the Summit in New York City, which aims to pair legal innovators with strategic partners and investors.

Evolve Law Summit: Angel Investment and Venture Capital in Legal

On The Road host Laurence Colletti interviews Edward Wilson of Anthos Capital, David Rose of GUST, Mike Suchsland of Joplin Consulting LLC, Lorine Pendleton of of Portfolia Funds, and Jeroen Plink at Evolve Law’s Summit in NYC. Together they talk about what’s attractive for investors, common pitfalls for startup companies, and share predictions for upcoming legal tech.

Evolve Law Summit: Strategic Partnerships for Legal Startups

On The Road host Laurence Colletti sits down with Michael Frankel, Carlos Gamez of Thomson Reuters, Bill O’Boyle or NorthState Consulting, David Coffee of Legal Shielf, & Dean Sonderegger of Wolter Kluwer at the Evolve Law Summit in NYC to discuss ideal partnerships, how to approach large organizations, and four laws of attraction when it comes to courting a strategic partner.

Evolve Law Summit: Strategic Partnerships in Action

Evolve Law co-founder Jules Miller interviews Sandeep Joshi of iManage and Lecia Kaslofsky of FactBox about their strategic partnership meeting at the Evolve Law Summit. Tune in to hear how their businesses grew during this conference.

Evolve Law Summit: A Conversation with Fastcase’s Phil Rosenthal

Evolve Law co-founder Jules Miller interviews Fastcase co-founder Phil Rosenthal about his mission to democratize the law and how innovation is paving the way to make justice more accessible for everyone.


List Attending Innovators at Evolve Law Summit:

  • Aggregate Law
  • Allegory Law
  • ClearView Social
  • Collection Integration Solutions LLC
  • Daisy Debt
  • Digitory Legal
  • DirectLaw
  • eBrevia
  • EmpowerLegal
  • Esquify
  • Eu-Nomia
  • Factbox
  • IP Toolworks
  • JustLegal
  • LawGeex
  • LEAP
  • Legal Space
  • PactSafe
  • Paladin
  • Pathagoras
  • Privva
  • Traklight
  • Upsolve
  • Vigilant
  • Vijilent
  • Zeekbeek
  • Zola Media
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