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Beers, Bloggers, and Buzzers: Closing ABA TECHSHOW with Style

Beer for Bloggers 2

During our recent trip to Chicago for ABA TECHSHOW, we “crashed” the Beer for Bloggers party with our portable gear and two mics in hand. We found a nice corner in the Chicago Hilton’s swanky 720 South Bar & Grill and once we set up and settled in, our team (Adam Camras, Kimberly Faber, Jabarie Brown, Kelsey Johnson, Adam Lockwood, and yours truly) walked around the room looking for bloggers courageous enough to join in on a fun little game.

Why such bravado, you might ask? Well, in honor of 30 years of ABA TECHSHOW, we decided to buzz the bloggers with a galant game of daring deeds. No, it’s not jousting windmills, besting giants, or reciting the rule against perpetuities . This game is far more harrowing, an epic duel of the minds… well, sort of.

The game was this: answer three questions in one minute or else we drop the buzzer. The first question was easy, the second was difficult, and the third was downright dangerous.

  1. Tell us about your blog.
  2. From this year’s ABA TECHSHOW to next year’s, what will your most popular blog post be about?
  3. Who is your ABA TECHSHOW professional crush?

All in all, we wrangled over 30 bloggers to play our game. Some of them won, some of them couldn’t beat the buzzer, and some were nearly disqualified. Tune in to hear fun accounts from leading legal bloggers, learn who harbors the most TECHSHOW crushes, and discover who likes to cheat during a game with no prizes.

List of Participants (In order of Appearance):

  1. Lisa Solomon – Legal Research & Writing Pro@lisasolomon
  2. Tara Cheever – Lit Software@LitSoftwareApps
  3. Adam Music – Before the Bar@MusicAdamT
  4. Nicole Bradick – Curo Knowledge@NicoleBradick
  5. Samir Patel – Legal RnD@SamirPatelLaw
  6. Tom Mighell – Inter Alia@TomMighell
  7. Ben Schorr – Roland Schorr Blog@bschorr
  8. Dennis Kennedy – Dennis Kennedy Blog@denniskennedy
  9. Allison Shields – Legal Ease@allisonshields
  10. Sherri Davidoff – LMG Security Blog@SherriDavidoff
  11. Jeannie Borich – Law In Order – @jeannieborich
  12. Sara Mui – ABA Journal Blawg Directory – @BlawgWhisperer
  13. Bob Ambrogi – Law Sites@bobambrogi
  14. Rich Beem – Beem on Patents@BeemPatentLaw
  15. Niki Black – Above The Law@nikiblack
  16. Sam Glover – Lawyerist.com@samglover
  17. Aaron Street – Lawyerist.com@AaronStreet
  18. Jason Wilson – Jason Wilson@jasnwilsn
  19. Gyi Tsakalakis – gyi tsakalakis@gyitsakalakis
  20. Sheilin Herrick – Lawyernomics – @SheilinHerrick
  21. Tim Baran – Legal Productivity@tim_baran
  22. Dan Pinnington – Avoid A Claim@DanPinnington
  23. Kimberly Faber – Legal Talk Network Blog@kimberlyfaber
  24. Joshua Lenon – Clio Practice Management Blog@JoshuaLenon
  25. Brian Focht – The Cyber Advocate@NCCyberAdvocate
  26. Christopher Anderson – How to Manage a Small Law Firm@LawFirmBusiness
  27. Jason Marsh – Marsh 8 Blog@_jasonmarsh
  28. Chad Burton – Curo Knowledge@chadeburton
  29. Julie Tolek – Think Pink Law Blog@Thinkpinklaw
  30. Carolyn Elefant – My Shingle@carolynelefant
  31. Kevin O’Keefe – Real Lawyers Have Blogs@kevinokeefe

Thank you to all of the bloggers who made this a fun production. We look forward to trying our luck with you next year… bloggers beware.

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