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TECHSHOW Today: Video Interviews from ABA TECHSHOW

At this year’s ABA TECHSHOW, Vice Chair Adriana Linares (also the host of New Solo and the Florida Bar Podcast) and Kennedy-Mighell Report co-host Dennis Kennedy sat down for live interviews with some of the speakers, attendees, and TECHSHOW Chair Steve Best. In this TECHSHOW Today series, the duo and their guests discuss the conference, cloud computing, multi-device use, lawyers as entrepreneurs, the future of legal tech, and more.

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Steve Best and Randy Juip: The Board’s Focus for TECHSHOW 2016 and The Mac Track

In this previously recorded live broadcast, ABA TECHSHOW 2016 Chair and Affinity Consultant Group owner Steve Best and Randy Juip of Foley Baron Metzgir Juip sit down with Adriana Linares and Dennis Kennedy to discuss the current state of lawyering and the future.

Steve Best shared details of a meeting immediately after TECHSHOW 2015, and how this year the board was focused on breaking the mold and challenging everyone to find new speakers and cutting edge topics.

Juip, who runs the Mac track at the conference, talks about why the track drew him to TECHSHOW in the first place, lessons he learned when leaving his firm for a new job that required him to be more tech savvy, and the value in learning and training tips with other attendees. This year’s Mac track focused on teaching attorneys to use Macs more effectively through sessions like “Taking the Plunge”, which encouraged attorneys to jump from PCs.

Barbara Leach: The Importance of Conferences, Networking, and the Future of Legal

First time attendee Barbara Leach joins Adriana Linares and Dennis Kennedy to discuss ABA TECHSHOW, the importance of conferences and networking, and the future of legal.

Joshua Lenon of Clio: Cloud Computing, Multi-Device Use, and the LCCA

Joshua Lenon, Lawyer in Residence for Clio, sits down with Adriana Linares during ABA TECHSHOW 2016 to discuss his role at Clio, the conference and its benefits, the cloud, multi-device use and how it affects information storage, the Legal Cloud Computing Association (LCCA), and more.

Debbie Foster: TECHSHOW App, Bar Associations, Tips for Next Year’s Conference

Debbie Foster joins Adriana Linares and Dennis Kennedy to give recognition to ABA TECHSHOW board members, the app and its uses, the various bar associations, and all of the people who get involved. They also share tips for those who plan to attend TECHSHOW next year.

Michael Robak and Ed Sohn: E-Discover, AI, Education, the Dean’s Roundtable, and Creating Tools that Supplement Lawyers Rather Than Replace Them

University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law Associate Law Library Director and CTO Michael Robak joins Senior Director of Legal Managed Services at Thomson Reuters Ed Sohn as well as Adriana Linares and Dennis Kennedy to discuss ABA TECHSHOW 2016.

Their conversation discusses e-discovery, artificial intelligence and whether we’ll see it coming to law, the importance of education and awareness, and more.

“E-discovery has yet to be discovered by law schools.” – Michael Robak

Is e-discovery a saturated market? Where can value be added? 9 out of 10 surveyed respondents in a survey reported they were unhappy with their solution. Technology is moving quickly but adoption is still low.

Michael Robak also touched on the Dean’s Roundtable, a panel that discussed opportunities to develop technology and create tools that supplement lawyers rather than replace them.

Tom Mighell and Nicole Bradick: Relationship Building, Attendee to Speaker, Lawyers as Entrepreneurs

Nicole Bradick, chief strategy officer at CureLegal, and Tom Mighell sit down with Dennis Kennedy to discuss ABA TECHSHOW 2016.

Nicole started out as an attendee and transformed into an involved speaker for her third year of attendance. Nicole first came to TECHSHOW because of her reliance on technology, and finds the networking and relationship building at the conference social events to be invaluable. Nicole presented on lawyers as entrepreneurs and discussed innovating business practices and canvases to think differently about their practices.

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