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An Open Letter to Our Listeners, Sponsors, Hosts, and Guests

Dear Listeners, Sponsors, Hosts and Guests,

Legal Talk NetworkFor my last blog entry of 2015, I want to thank everyone who’s made this a superb year in podcasting. During the course of the year we traveled all over the country, met lots of wonderful people, and watched our listener base grow. We are so grateful for the amazing times and experiences shared. From the sleepless streets of New York City and beaches of Boca Raton to the Magnificent Mile of Chicago and “Western Ivy” of Stanford, it’s been quite an adventure both in and out of the studio!

First of all, thank you to our growing listener base. Without you there’s no network and that means no fun! We appreciate your continued support and promise to work tirelessly to bring you the most informative and hopefully entertaining podcasts in legal.

Also, thank you to our guests. We look forward to the continued listens of your past episodes as well as future collaborations on new projects.

And, of course, a special thank you to our sponsors for all of their support. We appreciate your continued belief in our productions and look forward to another year of working with you.

(Enter Stage Left: Sappy Sentiment and Inside Jokery) Thank you to our hosts. The airwaves would be empty and boring without you! We are looking forward to future recordings and meeting your new guests. Special shout outs for the following:  

  • Adriana Linares, a.k.a. our Ringer from Florida who hosts New Solo and The Florida Bar Podcast. We love traveling with you and your hilarious laughter. Please send good vibes to Grandpa Marsh!
  • Stephanie Francis Ward and Lee Rawles, our esteemed ABA Journalists. We enjoy your professionalism and on-point interview style. Please wish Allen, Molly, Reg, Victor, Terry, and Jonathan a happy new year for us!
  • Fabiani Duarte and Madison Burke from ABA Law Student Podcast. Your energy and spirit are infectious. Great work launching your new show! Thank you Austin and thank you Adam for all of your help!
  • Joe Patrice and Elie Mystal from Above the Law’s Thinking Like a Lawyer. You crack us up with your gear-grinding rants and off-the-cuff commentary. Please tell David, Jon, Hsiaolei, Staci, Laura, Kathryn, Lauren, and, yes, Brutus that we miss them!
  • John Czuba from AM Best. We are just getting to know you, but so far so good. Please wish Jennifer Fink a happy new year for us!  🙂
  • John Simek and Sharon Nelson, our Digital Detectives. You are always poised and ready with top-notch Q&A, setting a very high bar for Vulcans universe-wide!
  • Jim Calloway, a.k.a. the Okie Thunder from the Digital Edge. You blow our mics up with your mad knowledge on legal technology. Happy trails cowboy!
  • Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell, from the Kennedy-Mighell Report. We just can’t get enough of your back-and-forth agree-to-disagrees. Wishing you and yours a most happy new year!
  • Randy Milch from In-House Legal, a New York gent doing it his way with swagger to spare! Please give our best regards to the missus and family!
  • Bob Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams from Lawyer 2 Lawyer. Congratulations on 10 years of podcasting excellence! Time to break out your Red Sox and scuba gear!
  • Jared Correia and Heidi Alexander from the Legal Toolkit and Lunch Hour Legal Marketing. Together, you stylishly spin laughter and obscure Warren Zevon lyrics into practice wisdom. #SummerOfLunch.
  • Vicki Voisin from the Paralegal Voice. You’re our paralegal hostess with the mostest. Please give our best to the Don!
  • Larry Cohen from Ringler Radio. Thank you for another great year of working together! Please give Lu Ann, Kate, and Mike our best!
  • Chad Volkert from the Robert Half Legal Report. Always bringing great information on a great show! Please let Lisa Hamilton know we miss her!
  • Christopher Anderson from the Un-Billable Hour. Your killer content is as unstoppable as his running regimen. Thank you for the inspiration!
  • Alan Pierce from Workers Comp Matters. Thank you for another great year and congratulations on your recent election to the presidency of WILG!

And last but certainly not least, thank you to my co-workers. Being part of our team is quite a privilege. To our CEO, Adam Camras, thank you for not judging my moldy old computer bag and constantly recommending the Waze travel app. To our CTO, Trent Carlyle, thank you for creating new and dangerous games involving office furniture. To Kimberly Faber, thank you for not killing me despite my Overcapitalization Of Everything. And finally, to Kelsey Johnson, thank you for showing me how to use the coffee pot and your snarky repertoire.

In case you are just catching up with us, below are links to our blog entries featuring our travel adventures and special events. Each post showcases thought leaders in law sharing their valuable experiences with our listeners. Among the many interviewees are mayors, state representatives and senators, presidents and leaders at the American Bar Association,  judges from the federal and state court systems, professors at top U.S. law schools, presidents and practice management advisors from the various state bars, general counsels and executives from major U.S. companies, journalists and editors from major legal publications, and top legal bloggers, podcasters, and authors.

 Our 2015 Adventures in Podcasting:

(Exit Stage Right: Looking forward to 2016) Again, 2015 was such an amazing year in podcasting. Thank you to everyone who played a part and special thanks once again to our listeners all over the world. Next year will see many new shows added to the network. In addition, we are looking forward to adding new team members as we boost our quality and reach. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!!!

Kindest Regards,

Laurence Colletti
Producer – Legal Talk Network


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After receiving his J.D. and MBA, Laurence Colletti went into solo practice with emphasis in general business and commercial real estate. He has always carried a strong passion for web-based media with a particular interest in podcasting and video. Laurence leverages his legal background against that passion to help bring sophisticated, relevant content to Legal Talk Network podcasts. You can follow Laurence on Twitter at @LaurenceEsq.