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‘Serial’ Podcast Poll: Do You Think Adnan Syed is Guilty?

adnan-syed-serial-podcastIf you’ve been following the Serial Podcast then you’re probably familiar with the case of Adnan Syed and his convicted murder of ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee in late 90s Baltimore. The case has baffled the millions of listeners who tuned in for the first season of ‘Serial’, which investigated the case week by week. With no resolution in the final episode and the recent granting of Adnan Syed’s request for review of his murder conviction by the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, many people are still unsure of whether or not he actually did it.

Do you think Adnan is guilty of murdering Hae Min Lee beyond a reasonable doubt?

Vote in the poll below and share your opinions on Adnan’s guilt, the involvement of Jay Wilds, and what you think about Adnan’s attorney Cristina Gutierezz’s defense strategy.
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On a very special and exciting episode of Lawyer 2 Lawyer, Bob Ambrogi and J Craig Williams were joined by Deirdre Enright of The Innocence Project, who is currently working on Adnan’s appeal (and was featured on episodes 7 and 12 of ‘Serial’), Erica Zunkel,clinical instructor at the Federal Criminal Justice Clinic at the University of Chicago Law School and a former trial attorney with a focus on defense, and Markus Kypreos, a practicing attorney who has previously worked with the Texas Prosecutors Association. to break down the case and what was presented on ‘Serial’.

Listen Now! Attorneys Dissect Adnan Syed’s Case

The attorneys analyzed the case against Adnan from both sides, offering expert insight on criminal defense and prosecution, the testimony of Jay Wilds, and the portrayal of this case on Serial, all while tackling some of the tougher questions raised regarding DNA evidence, potential alibis, shaky timelines, and the overall defense strategy.

Comments on the defense

  • Cristina Gutierezz should have discontinued representation if health impaired her ability to do her job
  • There was no clear, outlined defense strategy that was communicated that to the client
  • Expert witnesses should have been hired to challenge cell phone records
  • Physical evidence should have been pursued and tested, including the hair found on Hae Min Lee’s body, the rope, and the liquor bottle found near her body
  • Asia McClain’s potential alibi for Adnan Syed should have been pursued
  • The defense should have investigated whether key witness Jay Wilds was guided to point to Adnan Syed as the primary suspect as a way to avoid jail time
  • Statements pointing to Adnan Syed’s religious background as motive should have been addressed and discounted as an attempted substitute for evidence
  • Jurors were not provided with a clear and understandable narrative
  • The tone and demeanor of the defense attorney when cross-examining Jay Wilds ultimately made the jury more sympathetic to Jay than to Adnan

Comments on the prosecution

  • The case and details presented on ‘Serial’ may not have been the same as what was presented by the prosecutors to the jury at trial
  • Regardless of the inconsistencies in Jay’s testimony, general lack of likeability, and clear involvement, the jury heard his testimony and determined that it was credible
  • This was an open crime scene in a public park where humans and animals traversed through before the body was found
  • While objects found near the body can be tested, it’s important to consider what will be determined to be exculpatory and relevant to the case and victim
  • The rope and the hairs should be tested, but other elements like the bottle found near the body may not be relevant

Stay tuned for the results of the poll!

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