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Legal Talk Network Launches New Website

After months of preparation, we are excited to debut a new website for Legal Talk Network. The new site improves the experience for listeners, hosts, guests, and sponsors with many updates and improvements on existing features.

“With the new site, we were able to make improvements not only for the listener base and hosts, but also for the show sponsors who will see much more exposure on the new site,” Legal Talk Network CEO Adam Camras said. “We’re incredibly excited to be launched and to find more ways to improve Legal Talk Network for its following.”

Listeners will find that podcast players are now embeddable, which means episodes can be shared across many websites and blog platforms. In addition, social integration and the opening of comments empower listeners to share their feedback and creates more ways to interact with other listeners, hosts, and guests. A new newsletter format will also allow subscribers to tailor their subscription to their own interests and show preferences, something that was very important for us to provide moving forward.

Listeners and site visitors will notice improved speed on the new website, something the technical team focused on in tandem with finding a reliable hosting platform. A shift was also made to incorporate more advanced organization within the site and its archives.

Some of the improvements include:

  • Organized show archives
  • Host and guest profiles
  • Embeddable podcast players
  • Social integration
  • Listener comments and interaction
  • Newsletters tailored to individual interests

The site was also built to provide more advanced analytics and a greater understanding of the listener base. With the new website launched, we now turn our focus to making additional improvements to the network.

“Mobile apps will be coming soon,” Legal Talk Network CTO Trent Carlyle said. “We’re placing a major focus on usability and making these podcasts easy for every listener to digest in whichever format they prefer.” Legal Talk Network podcasts are available for streaming through iHeartRadio.

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