Paralegal Voice

New Hiring Trends in the Paralegal World


On this first edition of The Paralegal Voice, co-hosts Lynne DeVenny and Vicki Voisin debut with a topic on everyone’s mind – hot jobs in today’s market! We welcome guest  Charles Volkert, Executive Director of Robert Half Legal, to discuss the latest in hiring trends for paralegals. They will take a look at what specialty areas are in highest demand, international opportunities, experience as a factor in your job search as a paralegal and what skills are in high demand.

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  • Voneice

    I think when hiring a new person people should give them a chance. Instead of someone with experience.As long as they get the job done.I been searching for paralegal jobs and every posting says five year experience.thats not fair how will I get the experience.

  • Michelle

    I was just wondering what classes I should take to become a legal assistant, I have experience in contracts. I am in California and need to change careers.

    Thank You,

  • Voneice

    To become a paralegal you need law classes.

  • Michael

    If your looking to become a paralegal check out this link and find a school near you to get trained.