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Protecting your Business through Email Encryption


The protection of client data is fast becoming a matter of national concern.  On this edition of The Legal ToolKit, brought to you by Catuogno Court Reporting, host Jared Correia, Law Practice Management Advisor with Mass. LOMAP welcomes Attorney James F. Brashear, General Counsel from Zix Corporation, to discuss how to protect your clients’ private information through email encryption. Jared and Jim explore HIPAA compliance, cloud computing and security and how to protect your business and your clients.

  • Peter

    The site seems to be down and the audio will not play here.

    There are many fee-based solutions for email encryption (PGP, etc.) but one should not overlook the free solutions (GnuPG, TrulyMail). Some are extremely easy to use while still being very secure.

    Encrypting data is important, especially in communications.

  • David Crowe

    There are many free / open source solutions that may be appropriate for individual use, but as the size and scope of your business increases, so does the need for an automated, hands off approach which does not require the end user (or the individual/business receiving your encrypted email) to manage or have any part in keeping track of public keys. The cost of this particular solution is more than offset by its ease of use and ensured compliance standards. I hope this helps.