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In-Vitro Fertilization, Custody Rights and Family Law


A Massachusetts court orders a man to pay child support for twin girls, born through In-vitro fertilization and with donor sperm and eggs, even though he was estranged from his wife at the time of conception.  Is this fair?  With the rise in IVF treatments, there are more and more cases across the country with complicated custody matters. Lawyer2Lawyer co-hosts and attorneys, Bob Ambrogi and Craig Williams join Attorney Maureen McBrien from the firm, Todd & Weld LLP and Certified Family Law Specialist and trial attorney Violet P. Woodhouse, to explore the legal issues surrounding in-vitro fertilization, custody rights and family law.

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  • Expert witness

    You should ensure at all times that if you are dealing with a paralegal in a family law matter that they are under the supervision of a lawyer as otherwise they will have no standing with the Court in your matter.

  • cynthia ramos

    my son and his now his exwife had twin boys through i v f they used my sons sperm and donated eggs they divorced and my son would like full custody the bproblem is they signed a document allowing her equal custody is that binding or is there someway to recind that document

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      Hi Cindy,

      Unfortunately, we’re not able to give legal advice. You might be able to find some free advice by checking your local or state bar association’s website, and looking to see if they offer any free legal advice programs. Also, most Bar websites will provide a referral section, which can direct you to a lawyer who can help you.
      Good luck, and thanks for listening.