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The Joy of Adoption


Adoption does not only affect the families involved for a lifetime, but also the lawyers and judges who oversee the process. On Lawyer2Lawyer, co-hosts and attorneys, Bob Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams welcome Attorney Kathleen Hogan Morrison and Judge Bettina Borders, First Justice out of Bristol County, Massachusetts,  to discuss the joy of adoption, the process and the work of attorneys and judges who complete the circle of bringing families together.

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  • Ibn Zayd

    If it can be argued that there are government policies, inherent to a given cultural outlook, that in fact do much to create the poverty, the wars, the conditions that have always resulted in so-called orphans, and one chooses to apply bandaid solutions to these symptoms and not the disease, then one is complicit in those policies.

    If it can be argued that it is a non-relative cultural outlook that allows for the imposition of the notion of nuclear family over those cultures that are more community based, and one decides that individual happiness is more important that that of all, that “family” is more important than “community”, then one is complicit in the destruction of the community that one is adopting from.

    If it can be argued that it is a power differential between those of different classes, walks of life, and living conditions; that an inherent inequality is the engine that drives most adoption on all levels and at great profit; that the willful leveraging of this differential economically, politically, and culturally has nothing to do with family creation but everything to do with exploitation and extraction of profit; that in this can be seen the destruction of cultures that do not echo the dominant and prevailing one in a direct correlation with the historical approach to the Third World by the First, then one is complicit in this status quo that has wrought naught but destruction worldwide.

    Because if we truly cared about the child, we would not support the economic and political wars that resulted in that child’s situation.

  • Mara

    The JOY OF ADOPTION? Are you kidding me?

    As an adult adoptee who has had my original birth certificate sealed from me in the state of California and was issued a falsfied “legal” document called an amended birth certificate that shows my adopted parents as my biological parents, I DON’T SEE THE JOY HERE.

    The only winners in adoption are the adoptive parents who pay oodles of cash for little babies. Selling relinquished children in the guise of “adoption” is disgusting. Billions of dollars are made by attorneys and social workers every year by exchanging us a commodities for cash.

    My ethnicity, my heritiage, my truthful document of my birth have been “legally” sealed from me. There is NOTHING LEGAL ABOUT SEALING A PERSON’S ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

    There is no “except for adoptees” clause in the United States Constitution. A person is only born once. Denying me my truthful birth certificate but allowing non-adopted people to have theirs IS DISCRMINATION.

    Adoptees are not blank flesh canvasses on which to paint identities onto.