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Special Reports

ABA Midyear Meeting 2015: Law Student Division with Aaron Sohaski

Legal Talk Network Producer Laurence Colletti interviews Law Student Division Chair Aaron Sohaski at the 2015 ABA Midyear Meeting. Sohaski discusses member benefits of the Law Student Division, their connection with the Young Lawyers Division, and their popular competitions: arbitration competition, negotiations competition, and the client counseling competition. He also explains their future plans to strip away Interpretation 305-2, an accreditation standard banning paid externships. Aaron Sohaski is a 3L at Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Special Reports

ABA Midyear Meeting 2015: House of Delegates with Trish Refo

The Digital Edge podcast Host Jim Calloway interviews Trish Refo, chair of the ABA House of Delegates, at the 2015 ABA Midyear Meeting. Refo equates the House of Delegates to the Legislative branch; it makes and sets policy for the entire association. She discusses the various future issues that may be brought to the house including unaccompanied minor immigrants, consumer data privacy, possession and ownership of wild animals, stand your ground laws, and roadmaps to making Native Americans safer, among other legal concerns. Trish Refo is a partner at Snell & Wilmer in Phoenix where she practices commercial litigation with an emphasis on business tort disputes and legal malpractice defense.

Special Reports

ABA Midyear Meeting 2015: Section on Real Property, Trusts and Estates Law with Orlando Lucero

Legal Talk Network Producer Laurence Colletti interviews Orlando Lucero, vice-chair for the Section of Real Property Trusts and Estates Law at the 2015 ABA Midyear Meeting. Lucero discusses his Hispanic homebuyer video, a project focusing on providing valuable information for the Latino community about selecting good advisors, the risks and benefits associated with different financing options, and key points to consider when selling and buying a home. Orlando Lucero is vice president/escrow officer at Stewart Title in Albuquerque, where his work includes commercial and residential transactions.

Special Reports

ABA Midyear Meeting 2015: ABA Leisure

Legal Talk Network Hosts Jason Marsh and Adriana Linares interview Christine Gregorio, Kate Noble, Lee Swanson, and Larry Gil about ABA Leisure at the 2015 ABA Midyear Meeting. Together they discuss the concept of ABA Leisure, a program involving networking and educational opportunities for lawyers within their recreational time rather than in a professional context. Some of the main activities include golf, wine, and travel.

Larry Gill is the Deputy Executive Director and Chief Revenue Officer of the American Bar Association. He is in charge of the ABA Leisure project.

Kristine Gregorio is the director of communications and special projects at the ABA.

Lee Swanson is the associate director of member leisure communities at the ABA.

Kate Noble is the community marketing manager at the ABA.

Special Reports

ABA Midyear Meeting 2015: Directing the Law Practice Division with Cindy Galvin and Marisol Massini

The Law Practice Division (LPD) Legal Marketing Interest Group Chair Jason Marsh interviews LPD Associate Director Cindy Galvin and Meetings Assistant Marisol Massini at the 2015 ABA Midyear Meeting. Galvin talks about the logistics of planning meetings and the benefits of joining the LPD. Massini discusses her involvement with the Women Rainmakers. They both encourage all legal professionals to join the LPD and members to come to the meetings.

Special Reports

ABA Midyear Meeting 2015: Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section with Michael Drumke

Legal Talk Network Producer Laurence Colletti interviews Michael Drumke, chair of the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section (TIPS) at the 2015 ABA Midyear Meeting. Drumke discusses his role as chair, TIPS involvement with the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, the plaintiffs and defense lawyers that are members of TIPS, and opportunities the section provides. Michael Drumke is a trial lawyer at Swanson, Martin & Bell, LLP in Chicago, representing clients across the country.

Special Reports

ABA Midyear Meeting 2015: Tom Bolt on the Law Practice Division

Legal Talk Network host Adriana Linares interviews Tom Bolt, chair-elect of the ABA Law Practice Division (LPD) at the 2015 ABA Midyear Meeting. Bolt discusses the progression of LPD and how it can give assistance to big firm, solo, and small firm lawyers, government lawyers, those in the judiciary, and even legal associates. In addition to being Chair-Elect of LPD, Tom Bolt is founder and managing attorney of BoltNagi PC on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Special Reports

ABA Midyear Meeting 2015: National Association of Bar Executives with Zoe Linza

The Digital Edge host Sharon Nelson interviews Zoe Linza, Vice President of the National Association of Bar Executives (NABE), at the 2015 ABA Midyear Meeting. Linza explains how NABE is an association for leaders in bar associations and discusses why eligible leaders should join. In addition to being Vice President of NABE, Zoe Linza is the executive director of the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (BAMSL).

Special Reports

ABA Midyear Meeting 2015: Young Lawyers Division with Andrew Schpak and Lacy Durham

Digital Detectives hosts Sharon Nelson and John Simek interview Andrew Schpak and Lacy Durham about the ABA Young Lawyers Division at the 2015 ABA Midyear Meeting. As chair of the division, Schpak discusses his plans for the year, future meetings, his health and wellness initiative, and his public service project in Portland called Project Street Youth. Chair-Elect Lacy Durham discusses her plans for the future year and how and why young lawyers should get involved with the YLD. Andrew Schpak is a partner at Barran Liebman, LLP in Portland, Oregon, and chair of the ABA Young Lawyers Division. Lacy Durham is a tax manager at Deloitte Tax, LLP in Dallas and is chair-elect of the ABA Young Lawyers Division.

Paralegal Voice

Paralegal Education and Landing a Job

Many paralegals have problems getting a job with no experience but can’t get experience without having a job. This is one of the worst paradoxes in the field. Paralegal education programs have been changing to help resolve this and other issues. Many classes are now offering in depth subjects such as legal research and many others are available as online courses. Additionally, many paralegal students are now required to do internships to gain experience. What should students look for in a paralegal program and how do they best promote their education when looking for a job?

In this episode of The Paralegal Voice, Vicki Voisin interviews Madonna University paralegal professor Mary Meinzinger Urisko, J.D. about how paralegal education has changed, the programs and systems at Madonna, and best practices for using your education to get a job. Urisko talks about how online courses expand the geographical reach of paralegal education and have improved with podcasts, videos, and blogs. However, she explains, the ABA doesn’t approve programs done entirely online; there is a great benefit to the networking and discussions that come from a physical classroom. Urisko discusses how her legal research courses include using LexisNexis and Westlaw, people and assets found online, and legal writing. In order to get a job, Urisko recommends that students list skills acquired on their resumes, create a portfolio of their best works, and do internships or find any job in a law office. Many times, even an admin in a law office can create essential network opportunities with lawyers.

Mary Meinzinger Urisko, J.D., is a professor and the assistant director of the Paralegal Studies Program at Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan.  She has been a faculty member since 1989 and holds a BA degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University. She received her JD from the University of Detroit School of Law and is a member of the state bar of Michigan. At Madonna University, she teaches paralegal studies, legal research and writing, business associations, computer assisted legal research, and legal research on the internet.

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