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ABA Journal: Asked and Answered

How to conquer anxiety and break the ice during professional events

Do you get social anxiety thinking about networking at big events? Is it hard to make connections with other lawyers? Focus on what you can learn about others, rather than telling people about yourself, business development coach Larry Kohn tells the ABA Journal’s Stephanie Francis Ward.

Larry Kohn, an executive coach, is president of Los Angeles-based Kohn Communications. He’s co-author of Selling In Your Comfort Zone, which was published by the American Bar Association. Kohn Communications’ blog about business development for lawyers can be found at http://www.kohncommunications.com.

The Digital Edge

How Lawyers Can Do More in Less Time

Many lawyers work far more than 40 hours a week and still lack the time to work on firm marketing, practice management, and spending time with friends and family. Furthermore, with increases in technology, it seems as though lawyers should be more efficient, but this isn’t always the case. What are we doing wrong and what strategies can lawyers and other professionals use to increase productivity and free up more time?

In this episode of The Digital Edge, Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway interview Allison Shields, co-author of “How to Do More in Less Time: The Complete Guide to Improving Your Productivity and Increasing Your Bottom Line.” Allison discusses why she wrote the book, productivity mistakes lawyers often make, and specific suggestions she has for increasing time efficiency.

Topics include:

  • Pressure among other lawyers to overwork
  • How technology has affected client expectations
  • Setting goals for overall firm success
  • The mistake of trying to multi-task
  • Clear steps to overcome the fear of delegation
  • Effective calendar use
  • Using technology properly
  • How lawyers and professionals should approach Allison’s book

Allison Shields is the president of Legal Ease Consulting, Inc., which provides marketing, practice management, and productivity coaching and consulting services for lawyers and law firms nationwide. She is also the executive director of the Suffolk Academy of Law, the educational arm of the Suffolk County Bar Association. She is a frequent lecturer and writes for numerous legal publications including the regular Simple Steps column for Law Practice Magazine.

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Special Reports

Counseling the Provocative Client: Freedom of Speech vs Public Prejudice

Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti interviews panelists Professor Donald Jones and Emily Patricia Graham about their seminar “Counseling the Provocative Client” at The Florida Bar 2015 Annual Convention. A provocative client produces art or content that may be offensive to members of the public and needs legal advice or legal representation in court to defend his or her First Amendment rights. Professor Jones shares his view on how hip hop music artists are often set up to fail in a society of structural racism. Emily Patricia Graham talks about being a transactional attorney who advises clients in film, fashion, and music about the practical issues of marketplace value.

Professor Donald Jones teaches Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure, and Employment Discrimination at the University of Miami School of Law and is a social theory author.

Emily Patricia Graham practices entertainment law in Florida, Louisiana, and California with offices in Miami Beach and Clearwater.

Special Reports

Differences Among the DCAs: What Does Your Florida Judge Want?

Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti interviews appellate attorney Ceci Berman and appellate judges Stephanie Ray, Morris Silberman, and Richard Suarez about their seminar “Differences Among the DCAs” at The Florida Bar 2015 Annual Convention. The appellate judges distinguish differences in motion practice, use of law clerks, staff attorneys, decision making, and what lawyers should and shouldn’t do to be successful in court. They agree that knowledge of individual court rules and concise legal arguments are the most important factors. As a lawyer, Ceci discusses her takeaways from the seminar.

Ceci Berman is an appellate attorney with Brannock & Humphries in Tampa, Florida and is the current chair of the Appellate Practice Section of The Florida Bar.

Judge Stephanie Ray presides over the First District Court of Appeal and is the former chair for the State of Florida Public Employees Relations Commission.

Judge Morris Silberman presides on the Florida Second District Court of Appeal and has been active in a variety of professional and civic organizations.

Judge Richard Suarez presides over the Florida Third District Court of Appeal and is a member of The Florida Bar Association, the Dade County Defense Bar Association, the American Bar Association, and Cuban American Bar Association.

Special Reports

Lawyering Advice from Brian Tannebaum

Adriana Linares interviews attorney Brian Tannebaum about his practice and his new book at The Florida Bar 2015 Annual Convention. With over 20 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer and now representing lawyers in disciplinary matters, he has useful advice regarding technology, ethics, and client communication. Within The Florida Bar, Brian is also a former member of the Criminal Rules Committee, former chair of the Traffic Court Rules Committee, former member of the Grievance Committee, and currently serves on the executive council of the Criminal Law Section.

ABA Journal: Asked and Answered

How can lawyers maximize relaxation while on vacation?

We’d all love to be able to unplug completely while we’re on vacation, but for many lawyers it’s not that simple. Meeting your duty to your clients might mean that you can’t just leave your phone at home. But how can you keep distractions to a minimum and make the most out of your time off? The ABA Journal’s Stephanie Francis Ward gleans some tips and tricks from Jones Day partner Lawrence D. Rosenberg.

Lunch Hour Legal Marketing

The Summer of Lunch Part 1: Law Firm Marketing That Works!

Because there are no seminars over the summer, Lunch Hour Legal Marketing is releasing four interviews conducted during Mass LOMAP’s 5th Annual Marketing Conference in Boston. The first of these four is with Larry Port, CEO of Rocket Matter, a cloud-based law practice management system.

On this episode of Lunch Hour Legal Marketing, Jared Correia and Larry Port discuss the outdated landscape of legal marketing, how lawyers can effectively market their practice online, and the importance of measuring data and analyzing the right metrics. This fun interview will make you laugh, and you might learn something too.

Topics Include:

  • Law firm marketing as a mustache
  • Pogo sticking a web search
  • Why potential clients leave your site
  • Misleading vanity metrics
  • How effective social media is
  • Call to action
  • Keyword advertising (pay per click)
  • Content marketing

Larry Port, CEO of Rocket Matter, is also a speaker and award winning writer at the crossroads of the legal profession and cutting edge technology. He frequently discusses marketing, design and efficiency, and quality techniques in the software industry that can be leveraged by lawyers and legal professionals. He was named to the 2012 Fastcase 50 honoring the law’s smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries and leaders.

If you want to tweet about any of the Summer of Lunch podcasts, use the hashtag #SummerofLunch.

New Solo

Using Social Media to Market Your Solo Practice

By now we’ve all heard about social media marketing for law firms and other businesses. Everybody online seems to be talking about Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, and even using Instagram, Pinterest, and Slideshare to market companies and firms of all sizes. But what does a successful social media campaign look like? And what approach should lawyers take when starting a solo practice?

In this episode of New Solo, Adriana Linares and Jason Marsh interview C. Todd Smith, a small firm lawyer who has used various forms of social media for marketing his practice. Jason Marsh, an online marketing specialist for small businesses and law firms, also gives his insight into the importance of social media.

Topics discussed:

  • Top-of-mind marketing
  • Facebook connections, referrals, and word-of-mouth marketing
  • Facebook’s algorithm changes
  • Boosting posts
  • Twitter networking
  • Offline marketing and foot traffic
  • Yelp, Yellowpages, and Foursquare
  • Google+ page for your business
  • The Orlando Business Journal social media contest

For lawyers launching a solo practice, this podcast will provide a broad idea of where to start with your social media campaign. Todd Smith recommends that lawyers choose one or maybe two platforms to focus on rather than trying to tackle all of them.

C. Todd Smith has been practicing law for 20 years in the Orlando area. He is the founder of a small law firm which focuses in the area of plaintiff’s personal injury law. Todd entered his company into Social Madness, an Orlando Business Journal social media contest and did very well because of his business’s active Facebook page. He is also very involved with Kiwanis, an organization providing teaching service and leadership to young people around the world.

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Paralegal Voice

How To Manage Emails for an Efficient Workflow

As paralegals, we are known multitaskers, often confronting many tasks at once. While multitasking seems like a process of getting more done, it often results in distraction and inefficiency. And while it is nearly impossible for paralegals to avoid distraction completely, we can learn to manage email intake for a better overall workflow.

In this episode of The Paralegal Voice, Vicki Voisin interviews Anthony Johnson, attorney and business technology author, about the best strategy for checking email, how he manages his tech-savvy law firm, and what paralegals can do with or without technology to improve workflow. Johnson begins by explaining how he checks over 80 emails a day by prioritizing, answering what he can quickly, and creating tasks. He then closes his email browser to avoid distraction, and finishes tasks before looking at his email again. In this podcast, Johnson also discusses how paralegals can avoid multitasking, how to use case management and internal messaging for communication, the importance of instant decision making, and how to manage deadlines in a law firm. Voisin and Johnson conclude by discussing how paralegals can urge lawyers and managing partners to embrace technology solutions in a very top-down system.

Anthony Johnson is a managing partner at Johnson & Vines law firm in Little Rock, Arkansas. The firm represents individuals in mass torts, medical device litigation, and other serious personal injury cases. Johnson has been recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 trial lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers and one of America’s “Techiest” Lawyers by the ABA Journal. He is widely published in the areas of law, technology and entrepreneurship.

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The Florida Bar Podcast

Florida Lawyer Complaints and the Disciplinary Review Committee

The Florida Bar Disciplinary Review Committee (DRC) oversees the prosecution and appeals for disciplinary violations by Florida lawyers. When a client, opposing counsel, or judge files a complaint against an attorney, it goes through a preliminary investigation, geological branch investigation, and then is sent to a grievance committee to determine probable cause. The DRC oversees this process and committee board members review each case before it is sent to the Florida Supreme Court, making recommendations on disciplinary action, dismissal, or requesting additional review. Additionally, members of the DRC recommend policy lawyer regulation and other disciplinary matters. What does the average Florida lawyer need to know to avoid this process?

In this episode of The Florida Bar Podcast, Adriana Linares interviews Adria Quintela, Florida Bar director of lawyer regulation, and Michelle Suskauer, chairperson of the Disciplinary Review Committee, about trends in the way the Florida Supreme Court is treating disciplinary actions, the top issues causing lawyers to receive complaints, and the proper course of action within the grievance process. Adria discusses the Florida Bar’s process in dealing with complaints and explains that the largest problems come from a lack of client-lawyer communication. Most complaints could be avoided, she explains, by picking up the phone or sending an email. Michelle discusses the Supreme Court’s decreased tolerance for unprofessional behavior and how it might relate to technology, social media, and far-reaching media attention. She has noticed that lawyers receive complaints due to disorganization and missing deadlines. Florida lawyers should note that these issues are avoidable and, for the most part, unintentional, but will end up on a permanent record.

Michelle Suskauer, is a West Palm Beach criminal lawyer, serves on The Florida Bar Board of Governors, 15th Judicial Circuit, and is chairperson of the Disciplinary Review Committee. She is also a nationally known legal analyst who has made hundreds of television and radio appearances. Her leadership roles include past president of the Palm Beach County Bar Association, vice president of the Board of Directors of the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, and past president of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers, Palm Beach County Chapter.

Adria Quintela is staff counsel and director of Lawyer Regulation for The Florida Bar. She supervises the operations of the entire Lawyer Regulation Department of The Florida Bar, including direct supervision of the Chief Branch Discipline Counsel in each of the five branch offices of the department. She has been with the Florida Bar for 19 years, but previously handled commercial litigation for a Miami law firm and was a plaintiff’s trial attorney for Krupnick & Campbell, a Ft. Lauderdale law firm.

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