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Bloodstains 🩸, Best-Selling Authors 📚 & Bold Moves from Trump 😳

For The Innocent

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Junk Science – Bloodstains & Bite Marks

What happens when forensic science is later found to be false?

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Alienating The Judge And Jury Seems Like A Bold Strategy For Trump

Let's see if it pays off as well as a billionaire covering up an affair.

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John Grisham on Storytelling and Justice

Bestselling author and lawyer John Grisham joins LSC Board Member Robert Grey for a conversation on how his journey from small-town...

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Productivity Boost: Real Uses of AI in the Software You Already Have

AI isn’t sci-fi. It’s real. It’s today. And it’s already on your computer. Resistance is futile, and it can help you...

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James Patterson dishes on his new legal thriller, ‘The #1 Lawyer’

James Patterson has written bestsellers in many genres. But as he tells the ABA Journal’s Lee Rawles in this episode of...

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Do Backlinks Still Matter in 2024? A Fresh Look for Law Firms with Bennett Heyn

In this episode, Bennett Hein, the founder of, discusses the role and impact of backlinks in driving organic traffic, enhancing...

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