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Clio Cloud 2023: Amplifying Your Leadership Style in the Face of Adversity

After a long fight for freedom following his wrongful conviction at just 16, exoneree Brian Banks focuses his efforts toward raising awareness and inspiring others. Host Michael Semanchik talks with Brian about his keynote speech at ClioCon 2023. Brian shares his story...

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Clio Cloud 2023: A Chat with Jack Newton

Jack Newton sits down with Laurence Colletti to talk about the current happenings at Clio and what they plan to bring...

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Clio Cloud 2023: Unpacking the 2023 Legal Trends Report

Clio’s cloud-based software created the industry’s first-ever opportunity to collect anonymized data on legal practice as it is happening day to...

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Clio Cloud 2023: How to Build an Anti-Fragile Law Firm

The ways you invest in yourself, your technology, and your law firm can make or break your success in times of...

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Clio Cloud 2023: Leveraging Dark Social for Your Law Firm

What exactly is dark social? Gyi Tsakalakis chats with Conrad Saam about his ClioCon session titled, “Dark Social: How to Turn...

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Clio Cloud 2023: Best Practices for Running Client-Centered Law Firms

Clients feel better about your law firm when they feel their needs are met and their concerns are heard. What can...

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Clio Cloud 2023: How to Achieve Financial Organization for Your Law Firm

Being organized and efficient with your law firm’s finances gives you peace of mind and increases your profits. Host Phil Brown...

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Clio Cloud 2023: ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of Law

If you want to stay relevant, or better yet, ahead of the curve, you need to embrace AI and learn its...

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Clio Cloud 2023: Impacts of AI at Clio

AI is everywhere, but lawyers are naturally—and rightfully—skeptical about whether using it in legal practice is secure and ethical. Clio has...

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Clio Cloud 2023: 5 Tips to Level Up your Linkedin Profile

Optimizing your use of LinkedIn can help you grow your legal business and make great industry connections. Alison Demelis shares insights...

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