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Back to School – September’s Best Episodes

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Don’t Let Law School Crush Your Creativity

As law students learn to be lawyers, some feel that they lose themselves—that their prior creative, dynamic individuality is slowly replaced by an unrecognizable law school robot. If you’ve experienced this disorienting feeling, you’re not alone. Host Leah Haberman is joined by...

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Biglaw Firm Offers Racy, Expensive Summer Event Before No-Offering Summers Anyway

In our latest chat, we discuss Biglaw strip club outings, Jeff Clark taking time away from his indictment to be an...

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EP 727- Thinking About Law School?

Whether you are in college or considering a mid-life career change, choosing to go to law school is a big decision....

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Has this Supreme Court Lost Its Balance? with NPR Legal Correspondent Nina Totenberg

Supreme Court Correspondent Nina Totenberg discusses her fifty-year career as a reporter covering some of the most important Supreme Court decisions...

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Good Vibes, Jimmy Buffett; Chuki Obiyo’s Laws for Growing Your Law Firm; & “Fake-Ass Holidays”

Chuki Obiyo has made a science of growing law firm businesses, with plenty of research to back up his time-tested strategies....

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A Better AI, Built For Lawyers: Results You Can Finally Trust?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage. But can you put your name on a legal brief written by a computer?...

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