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The Brief-Writing Ninja: Tips You Need To Write Better Briefs.

You can write better briefs. Guest Chris Schandevel, the Brief-Writing Ninja, says stop writing “like a lawyer” and start writing clear, smart arguments.

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Staff Favorites

Changing the culture at law firms to promote wellness and mental well-being

Whether it was the idea that stress was just part of the job or that taking time out for your wellness...

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Defending Against Domestic Violent Extremism: A Discussion with Brian Michael Jenkins

While Craig is away on a well-deserved vacation, we wanted to do things a little bit differently, and share with you...

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When Life Gets In The Way, Press On. Fail The Bar? Regroup.

Guest Alexandra Graves was dealt a tough hand in law school: She developed a brain tumor. Then she got off the...

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#457: Healthy Profits: Understanding the Story Your Numbers Tell, with Bernadette Harris

The Small Firm Roadmap Revisited doubled-down on our Healthy Firm model. But what, exactly, is it? Join us for another stop...

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Sharing Files With Clients: Security and File Management

Lawyers are often confused about the best and safest ways to share files with clients. Are standalone file sharing tools best?...

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Community Table: Making Changes And Getting Paid

In this episode’s discussions around the Community Table:  Our first question turned into a collaborative discussion around the Community Table with...

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Trial lawyer’s tales include wins, losses and international intrigue

The year was 1961. Freshly minted attorney James J. Brosnahan had been on the job as a federal prosecutor in Phoenix...

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Help Us Help You: Top 10 Appellate Mistakes in the Trial Courts

Keeping an appellate perspective in mind as you prepare for a trial can do a lot to keep your case on...

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Here Comes the Boom: An Overview of Crane Related Accidents

Expert Service Provider addresses crane accidents and what makes them unique for liability losses.

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