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LinkedInGPT || Red Flags for Firing Your Agency

What do we think of using AI in social content creation? It’s complicated. And, the guys share the surefire signs that mean it’s time to drop your digital marketing agency.  With ChatGPT by our side, social media might just have the potential...

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Career Pressures, The Holidays, And Taking Care Of Yourself

It’s great to pursue success. But at what cost? Guest Sonya Sigler helps legal professionals prioritize their lives and build their...

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EP 449- Pillars of Business Development with Elise Holtzman

Would you like to generate more business? Elise Holtzman is founder of The Lawyer’s Edge, a leadership development firm that helps attorneys...

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How Much Should You Pay for AI Tools?; Insurance Best Practices; and “Historic Mistakes”

As lawyers, you constantly assess the risks of your clients, whether in their business practices, court cases, personal relationships, or a...

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Going from Law School to the Air Force JAG Corps

If you want a lot of experience straight out of law school, listen to this episode. Our guest, Professor Tony Ghiotto,...

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Content by AI: Are We There Yet? with Max Gutsche

In this conversation, Max Gutsche, co-founder of Unifier, a content scaling platform, discusses how his platform uses AI to scale already...

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How is the true crime genre impacting the way people think about innocence?

Human beings have told stories about violence and victims from our earliest records. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, newspapers and...

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Out Of School And Hanging A Shingle? Build Your Brand!

Hear how successful personal injury attorney Joshua Bonnici quit his law firm job and launched his own practice while building a...

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