On the Road

ABA Midyear Meeting 2017: The Executive Order on Immigration and How Lawyers Can Help

Talk of shifting immigration laws has been rampant in early 2017, so how can and should we as lawyers get involved? In this report from On The Road, host Laurence Colletti and guest host Reid Trautz talk to Judge Dana Leigh Marks and Esther Olavarria about current and future immigration orders, the legal representation of immigrants, and what actions lawyers can take to help. Their discussion also provides resources that lawyers can use to get involved.

Dana Leigh Marks has been an immigration judge in San Francisco since January of 1987.  Since 1999 she has served seven two-year terms as president and two two-year terms as vice president of the NAIJ.

Esther Olavarria is on detail from the Department of Homeland Security to the Domestic Policy Council to work on immigration reform. She previously served as counsel and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy at DHS.

Reid Trautz is a management advisor to attorneys and law firms in the areas of business processes, technology, marketing, and legal ethics. He is director of the Practice & Professionalism Center of the American Association of Immigration Lawyers.