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Bed Bugs Litigation


All across America, from motels to five‑star hotels,  bed bugs are affecting people both physically and mentally, resulting in lawsuits. These tiny creatures are not only limited to hotels, but can be found virtually anywhere; from apartments, schools, and hospitals, to warehouses, box springs, and mattresses. Ringler Radio host, Larry Cohen joins Ringler colleague and co-host, Ross Duncan and guest, Attorney Daniel W, Whitney, managing partner of Whitney & Bogris, LLP, as they take a look at the impact of bedbugs, the preventive measures to help avoid them, as well as some of the litigation that’s risen up to combat the problem.

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  • https://identify.us.com Richard Pollack, PhD

    Bed bugs are, indeed, a bane to hotel operators and guests, as well as to tenants and landlords. Most creatures found on the bed, however, are not bed bugs. Errors in identification result in elevated blood pressure, unnecessary treatments and misguided lawsuits. Obtaining an expert evaluation can quickly and effectively diffuse much controversy. Furthermore, there are reasonable and unreasonable strategies that hotel operators and guests may take to reduce risk and to respond. More guidance is offered at http://idmybug.tumblr.com/post/12281176674/hotel-responses-for-bed-bug-incidents