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Alternative Law Office Arrangements


How do you create a successful virtual law practice? In this May edition of New Solo, host Attorney Kyle R. Guelcher, a solo practitioner from Springfield, MA and Chair of the Young Lawyers Division of the Massachusetts Bar Association welcomes Attorney Andrea J. Hable, to talk about her unique practice.  Andrea discusses her alternative office arrangements, harnessing technology, dual admittance, differing fee structures and much more.

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  • Stephanie Kimbro

    Virtual law practice is the delivery of legal services online through a secure “client portal” on the attorney’s website. These are encrypted spaces, rather than unencrypted “contact us” forms on a firm’s website.

    There are completely web-based virtual law offices where the attorney works from home or from a leased or shared office space, such as that discussed by Ms. Hable above, but there are also traditional law firm structures that incorporate a virtual law office into their practice where they are delivering unbundled legal services to clients online as well as using the virtual law office as an amenity for their in-person clients. There are some really interesting models of virtual law practice that are emerging that include multijurisdictional and multiattorney practice. I have written a book published by the ABA/LPM on Virtual Law Practice and have also written free ebooks on setting up a virtual law office and on unbundling legal services that may be found on my blog.

    More attorneys are realizing that they will need to have some form of virtual offering for clients in order to remain competitive in the future. Consumers are actively seeking online legal services and virtual law practice provides legal professionals with a great opportunity to provide quality legal services using technology and increase access to justice for a broader number of individuals in the public. I look forward to seeing more virtual practices launching that are inspired to think outside the box like Ms. Hable and make creative uses of the technology that is available.