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The 2010 Annual Predictions Show


2009 was a tumultuous year, filled with lows and highs. From the inauguration of President Obama and Captain Sullenberger’s miraculous landing on the Hudson to layoffs and cutbacks in the legal community and the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy.  On Lawyer2Lawyer, attorney and co-host, Bob Ambrogi will talk to returning guest, Attorney Stephen L. Kaplan,  principal in the law firm of Hicks, Mims, Kaplan & Burns, to reflect on 2009 and look ahead to the new year of 2010 and a new decade!

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  • Kara Smith

    Hi Bob —

    What a terrific interview! The ABA’s embarking upon an exciting year with Stephen at the helm. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more about the American Bar Academy and the incredible difference they’re about to make in our country’s ideologies!

    Really wonderful!
    Kara Smith
    Principal and Founder of Karasma Media