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The Impact of Civil Gideon


“Civil Gideon” is now law in the state of California providing counsel to those who cannot afford an attorney in civil cases, predominantly child custody cases and foreclosures. On Lawyer2Lawyer, co-host and attorney, Bob Ambrogi welcomes Attorney Robert L. Rothman, partner of the firm Arnall Golden Gregory LLP and Attorney James J. Brosnahan, senior partner with Morrison & Foerster and member of the California Commission on Access to Justice, to take a look at the impact of this new law in California and how it could potentially change the legal system nationwide.

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  • gingko

    I believe that Civil Gideon is necessary to provide due process to all citizens. Contrary to encouraging frivolous lawsuits, it would actually reduce stress on the courts because court-appointed attorneys would serve as “screeners” for meritous and meritless claims. In addition, providing court-appointed attorneys in civil cases would level and equalise access to courts, and that would serve a regulatory function that would, discourage illegal behaviour by companies and agencies that might otherwise behave recklessly.

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