Law Technology Now

Remote Working Options for Lawyers


The convergence of technology has created a “tipping point” for remote work options for attorneys.  Law Technology Now, host and editor-in-chief of ALM’s Law Technology News, Monica Bay analyzes the key advantages of remote work options, which is also June’s Law Technology News’ cover story, Unleashed, with Albert Barsocchini, senior director, strategic consulting at NightOwl Document Management Services and Marc Osborn, senior director, communications for LexisNexis Legal & Professional.

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  • Shawn J. Roberts

    I find this topic very interesting. At one point I was focused on creating a law practice in which physical location was irrelevant. I was successful to a large degree and I wrote about it here.

    Now, I am asking the question: While I can do it, is being able to work from anywhere a good thing?

    I am not certain.