Landy Law Letter

Landy Law Letter

The Landy Law Letter features practical advice about risk-management issues and many other areas of practice management that are valuable to both new and experienced attorneys, and large and small firms. Designed to help your law office reduce risk and increase productivity, the Landy Law Letter provides valuable information from guests that include attorneys, insurance and claims specialists, marketing experts and other professionals who can assist you in improving the business aspect of your practice.

Listen to the Latest Episode 11/28/11

New Developments in Medicare Secondary Compliance


On our last podcast, Understanding Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance, we explored Medicare Secondary Compliance and how to avoid pitfalls in your practice. On this edition of The Landy Law Letter, host John L. Torvi, from the Herbert H. Landy Insurance Agency of Needham, Massachusetts follows up with Attorney Michael E. Civittolo from Lawrence & Associates,... more »

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