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We can find almost anything on the Internet, but retrieving the results at a later date isn’t as easy.  Are there ways to “harvest” the web so we can find and read relevant research at a later time? Kennedy-Mighell Report hosts Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell, answer this question by sharing ways to save and keep track of web research, the resources for reading web findings later or offline, and whether techniques like capturing a blog post on a Kindle or iPad really help us with the problem of information overload.

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  • Joe Treese

    Great show. Info overload is something to which everyone (even Luddite litigators) can relate.

    Your discussion about the myriad ways you are each using, processing and consuming information was easy to follow, but gave me chills when I thought about how much eDiscovery agita would be generated if a custodian was similarly sophisticated. Easy to imagine IP litigation, or even copyright infringement ases, forcing some poor schmuck to translate similar activity into a defensible discovery approach (and related 26(g) certification).

    I’d be very interested in your views on the eDiscovery aspects of the approaches you described in the show, especially if you see no significant issue(s).