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Easy Productivity Improvements


Why are more lawyers than ever using two (or more) monitors at their desks?  Others use surprisingly simple tricks to make their days more productive and their lives a little easier. Once you’ve learned some of these techniques, you often think that they are “obvious” and something you should have implemented a long time ago. In this episode, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell discuss a few simple productivity techniques like using multiple monitors that have made a big difference for them, how those tips might benefit you, and steps you can take to make yourself much more productive than you were before you listened to this podcast.  After you listen, be sure to check out Tom & Dennis’ co-blog and book by the same name, The Lawyers Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies.

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  • Nicole L. M. Jurkowski, Esq

    As for the two monitor tips… Listeners need to be aware that switching between multiple screens can be a literal pain in the neck for those with neck/back injuries. (This, I learned from experience.) Having a larger monitor can be an alternative. Shifting between open screens with [Alt+Tab] combination is fast and easy too, rather than clicking, especially with one monitor.

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