Kennedy-Mighell Report

The iPad: Gadget or Game Changer?


No product launch in recent memory has commanded the attention of Apple’s iPad announcement. Is the iPad a game-changer, the must-have of 2010, or just one more imperfect choice for technology users already facing too many choices? In this episode,  co-hosts Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell discuss the iPad, hype vs. reality, and what this new product might mean for lawyers who use technology. Their conclusions might surprise you.  After you listen, be sure to check out Tom & Dennis’ co-blog and book by the same name, The Lawyers Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies.

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  • Reid Trautz

    This is a terrific edition of the Kennedy-Mighell Report, well worth a listen. I agree with Dennis’ assessment that the iPad will be a hit for lawyers because of the rise of cloud computing, but only time will tell! Thanks, guys!

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  • Joe Dugandzic

    I think the iPad is hampered by a few things that it is missing, most notably multitasking. But, I do personally believe that most of the devices shortcomings will be overcome by software. Think of the iPhone when it launched. There was no App Store. That came a year later. I have had a 1st generation iPhone for nearly 3 years now and will upgrade this summer when the 4th version comes out. But one device has served my needs and been upgraded thru software. Apple isn’t quite perfect with absolutely everything, but they do quite a few things very well.

    i will be getting a fully equipped iPad in April when the 3G version launches and look forward to it. I will be able to use it in quite a few areas of my life, specifically in all the meetings I participate in the Systems Analyst here at Fennemore Craig.

    Good show guys!