Kennedy-Mighell Report

What Technology is Dead Today?


Twitter, Facebook, blogging?  Hardly a day goes by without someone proclaiming that a technology is “dead.”  On this edition of the Kennedy-Mighell Report, co-hosts, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell talk about what technologies to stick with, what to abandon and how you can determine which are best for your law firm. In the Q & A segment, Dennis and Tom will answer audience questions and wrap up with Parting Shots, leaving you with lasting tips and observations.  After you listen, be sure to check out Tom & Dennis’ co-blog and book by the same name, The Lawyers Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies.

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  • Calgary Graphic Design

    I really hope the fax is dead. If you’re in a profession that requires faxes, can you please join us in abandoning this archaic and incredibly wasteful form of miscommunication?