ESI Report

Global E-Discovery & Da Silva Moore Technology Assisted Review Case Overview


The era of globalization is colliding with the complexity of litigation, investigations, regulation, arbitration, and compliance in the digital age. In international matters, when the data protection and privacy laws of one country clash with the discovery laws of another country, what recourse is available? On The ESI Report, host Michele Lange, Attorney and Director of Thought Leadership at Kroll Ontrack welcomes special guest, Jim Daley, partner at Daley & Fey LLP, to examine the implications of international e-discovery and take a glimpse at the hot-off-the-presses December 2011 publication, “The Sedona Conference® International Principles on Discovery, Disclosure and Data Protection.” In addition, on the Bits & Bytes Legal Analysis segment, Kroll Ontrack Legal Correspondent, Elliot Westman analyzes the landmark February 24th 2012 Da Silva Moore v. Publicis Group opinion.

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