ESI Report

Keyword Clues, International Forensics & Waiver of Privilege


This edition of The ESI Report, features a member of the federal judiciary and an international computer forensics expert, along with recent e-discovery case law. In the Buzz, Chief Magistrate Judge Paul W. Grimm discusses adequate keyword searches, inadvertent waivers of privilege and Victor Stanley v. Creative Pipe with Special Correspondent Gina Jytyla, Kroll Ontrack Staff Attorney. In the Bits & Bytes Legal Analysis segment, Meridith Socha, Kroll Ontrack Legal Correspondent, focuses on e-discovery issues examined in In re Intel Corp. Microprocessor Antitrust Litigation. Want to know more about international e-discovery and forensics? In the Spotlight, Michele Lange, Attorney and Director of Legal Technologies at Kroll Ontrack, talks with Ben Pasco, Managing Director of Legal Technologies, Kroll Ontrack in the Asia Pacific region.

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