Boston University School of Law

Antibiotic Resistance and Health Law


When we’re sick, our immediate response is to go to the doctor, and often times we’re given antibiotics to combat the ailment. There’s a growing problem today, which is that many microbes that cause infections in people are becoming resistant to antibiotics. To tackle the legal bugs of this issue, host David Yas, a BU Law alum, former publisher of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly and a V.P. at Bernstein Global Wealth Management, talks with Kevin Outterson, associate professor and co-director of the Health Law Program at Boston University School of Law. They take a look at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s initiative to curb the overuse of antibiotics, the current legislation involving antibiotics and prescription privacy and how legal incentives can be used to address this public health issue.

  • Ellen Wright

    As a former clinical laboratory professional for 25 years and now as a paralegal, I am very interested in the viewpoints and legal issues expressed in this podcast. I worked hard with physicians and nurses in the realm of combating antibiotic misuse and abuse in infection control, taught biohazard safety, and studied microbiology extensively. Everything this man says is absolutely true. I would love to meet him and work with him-alas, not to be since I live in the Deep South.

    Enjoyed the podcast. Thank you.

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