ABA Law Student Podcast

What is the ABA Law Student Division?

In this extended-play first episode of ABA Law Student Podcast, we start with an interview of our two hosts (Fabiani Duarte and Madison Burke) before cutting to their first episode recorded at the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago. While there, they discuss the ABA Law Student Division, its free membership, and how it’s helping law students around the country. Tune in to hear about their ambitions to provide paid externship credits, public service loan forgiveness, and debt counseling for those who need to take out student loans.

Topics Include:

  • Free membership for law students
  • Paid externship credits
  • Public service loan forgiveness
  • Debt counseling for student loans
  • Upcoming episodes
  • Detroit-style pizza

Fabiani Duarte is the chair of the American Bar Association’s Law Student Division and attends Mercer University’s School of Law. He is currently pursuing his JD, a Masters of Divinity, and a career with the JAG Corps. Prior to his current ambitions, Fabiani attended Vanderbilt University, where he created a major that combined communication studies, political science, Spanish, French, and Italian. He has also worked for AmeriCorps VISTA and the domestic Peace Corps, where he helped veterans find jobs, receive counseling, and obtain VA benefits.

Madison Burke is the 12th Circuit Governor on the ABA’s Law Student Division Board of Governors and is attending the University of Washington School of Law. Prior to her current ambitions, she received a graduate degree in International Studies from the University of Oklahoma and an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Africana Studies from Wellesley College. Madison has also worked for the Washington State Attorney General’s Office Government Operations Division, United States Senator Michael Crapo, and the Idaho House of Representatives.