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Nimble & Competitive: Small Firm Advice from Host J. Craig Williams


J. Craig Williams, host of Lawyer 2 Lawyer, presented “Can Tech Save Fuel Small Firms?” at the LegalTech West Coast Conference in Los Angeles, CA. During his introductions, Mr. Williams left the podium for a litigator-style discussion with the attendees on the floor. Absolutely open to questions, he spoke about the importance of backing up data, going paperless, and his migration from some researching platforms in favor of others.

The overarching theme was about how small firms can compete with larger firms by being nimble. Although he recommended many modern tools and software solutions, Mr. Williams also touched on a managerial approach that empowers employees to customize their working environments to achieve greater quality and efficiency. In addition, he recommended that attorneys should gain a basic understanding of how computers operate in order to get the most out of their software tools.

The final part of the speaking event was dedicated to marketing and reaching out. In addition to reviewing the various options for social media, Mr. Williams brought home a driving point about the nature of people when he said “nothing replaces a handshake at an in-person meeting”. The message being, whatever medium you use to reach out… connect personally.