Counsel Cast

If you want to make more money in legal, we’ve got a podcast for you! Counsel Cast is a show dedicated to excellence and law firm profitability. Hosted by marketing guru Karin Conroy, this podcast breaks down key strategies to earn new clients and provide top notch customer service.

Each episode features notable guest experts who share the latest tips and tricks for taking your firm to the next level. Whether it’s optimizing SEO and brand personality or evaluating PR and social media trends, this show has something for every lawyer and law firm. Tune in to hear the how-now with the who’s-who!

Enjoy responsibly  🙂

Karin Conroy

Top 5 Episodes by downloads:

Counsel Cast

How can you get free traffic from Google? with Paul Counts and Shreya Banerjee

Counsel Cast

How can law firms scale with subscription services? with Kimberly Bennett

Counsel Cast

What is legal design thinking? with Laura Harnett

Counsel Cast

What mistakes do lawyers make with content? with Davina Frederick

Counsel Cast

How do you measure PR? with Michelle Calcote King

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After receiving his J.D. and MBA, Laurence Colletti went into solo practice with emphasis in general business and commercial real estate. He has always carried a strong passion for web-based media with a particular interest in podcasting and video. Laurence leverages his legal background against that passion to help bring sophisticated, relevant content to Legal Talk Network podcasts. You can follow Laurence on Twitter at @LaurenceEsq.