Un-Billable Hour

Legal Marketing with Video


With the inception of YouTube, the video has skyrocketed in popularity from how-to videos to promotional videos, to marketing for businesses and law firms. On this edition of The Un-Billable Hour, host Attorney Rodney Dowell, Director of the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program, welcomes Lu Ann Reeb, Co-founder and President of Legal Talk Network, LLC, to talk about the value of video and how firms and attorneys can gain exposure with a high quality video.

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  • http://lawyersvideostudio.com Gerry Oginski

    “Your message needs to be compelling, interesting and on target.” Lu Ann is right on target with advice to attorneys who create video.

    “People are judging you by your video performance.” Again, she’s totally correct.

    Another great thing about attorneys creating video is that your viewer gets to see you, hear you and begin to trust you before they ever walk in your door.

    Gerry Oginski, Esq.
    Founder, Lawyers Video Studio

    P.S. The quality of your skype interview was excellent (both audio and video quality).