The Power of Attorney

Hollywood: Fact or Fiction in Court?


“Hollywood: Fact or Fiction?”

Television shows about lawyers and the law are dominating prime-time TV and influencing real-life juries and trials. Power of Attorney host, Marsha Kazarosian is joined by prominent guests from the legal world and the television world to help discuss whether or not the effects of shows such as The Practice, Boston Legal,  Law & Order, Ally McBeal,  the CSI Series of shows…even L-A Law and the longest running legal TV show, Perry Mason, are good or bad or somewhere in between.

Join Marsha with special guests: Jonathan Wald, NBC Executive Producer and professor at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism from New York; Attorney Alice Richmond, legal analyst for CBS/Boston Television,  former President of the Massachusetts Bar Association and currently serving on the Board of Governors for the American Bar Association as well as a well-known former prosecutor in Boston; and Attorney Mike Cavalluzzi, a high-profile criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles County known to judges as relentless in defending his clients and soon to appear on a new NBC primetime legal show called The Law Firm, the latest show created by producer David E. Kelley and scheduled to debut July 28th. Don’t miss this lively and compelling discussion on the Legal Talk Network!

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