Suffolk Law School

Dan Ryan JD ’09: Advising on South Sudanese Independence


In our latest Rappaport Center Public Policy Podcast, Professor Alasdair Roberts is joined by Dan Ryan, a 2009 graduate of Suffolk working with the government of South Sudan in their move toward independence.

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  • Sammy Nabulsi

    First of all, congratulations on this excellent experience! I am sure it has been a tense, yet thrilling few years.

    What I find most interesting, and I commend Mr. Dan Ryan and his colleague, Logan, is the comparative analysis of oil and its tendency to create conflict internally and externally around the globe. There is quite a bit of literature on this topic already, but I look forward to seeing what comes out of this study. More so, looking to hear about policy proposals that would prevent or lessen conflict and human rights violations in resource-rich states.