On the Road

ATL APP 2016: Creating Error-Free Contracts

The acceptance of emergent technologies within the legal marketplace continues to improve the daily lives of both large and small firm attorneys around the world. In this report from On The Road, host Joe Patrice speaks with Benjamin and Nathan Whetsell about contract preparation, the software they developed to improve the drafting process, and the tools their technology brings to the marketplace.

Benjamin Whetsell works on Turner’s and Contract Tools’ design. He is admitted to the bars of New York and Washington DC. He was an associate at Fried Frank in New York City, where he worked on financings, mergers, and fund structures for clients such as Bank of America and Goldman Sachs. He holds a BBA from the University of Michigan Business School and a JD from Columbia Law School.

Nathan Whetsell develops Turner and Contract Tools using a variety of languages and tools. He was an acoustical engineer at Bose Corporation, where he developed software for acoustical prediction and visualization. He holds a BSE in computer engineering and a BFA from the University of Michigan, and an MA from Stanford University.