On the Road

Clio Cloud 2016: Integration with Immigration Forms Solution PrimaFacie

Immigration applications are complicated and the process of completing the forms can be long and tedious. In this report from On The Road, host Joshua Lenon speaks with Prima Facie founders James Betzold, Jacob Betzold, and Michael Betzold about creating their software as a family, immigration law, and how that software integrates into Clio.

Jacob Betzold is an engineer and MBA who also currently works as a product manager for a software and e-learning firm and has had extensive experience in turning dreams into reality and managing the process of developing software.

James Betzold has a background in immigration law and is a licensed practicing attorney in Holland, Michigan. As an immigration attorney he was looking for tools to run his practice efficiently and after using Clio for a number of years, decided he needed an immigration specific solution that could sync with Clio and handle the forms and keep track of forms as well.

Michael Betzold has a degree in IT and a background in databases, networking and process management. He has created many solutions within Prima Facie and within the energy industry to manage the complex task of managing, converting and processing forms for consumer use.