Robert Half Legal Report

A Look at the Hottest Legal Jobs and Practice Areas for 2011


In this edition of The Robert Half Legal Report, host Katherine Spencer Lee, district director for Robert Half International, welcomes Attorney Charles Volkert, Executive Director of Robert Half Legal, to highlight the hottest legal jobs and practice areas for 2011.  Katherine and Chad discuss the latest trends in hiring and compensation affecting the legal field, the qualities employers are looking for in legal job candidates and offer advice for job seekers.

  • Nicole J

    If the market is looking for “experienced” and multi-talented professionals, what is the best way to get that experience or training in new fields? Being under-employed, I am always looking for ways to build my skill set in a way that can be appreciated by potential employers.

  • Alexia

    I was wondering the same as Nicole J I just graduated and have been submitting and searching for opportunity even applied at Robert Half but they all want experience at least 5yrs. I have my ABA in Paralegal as of 07/2010 but job hunting is discouraging