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The Current Legal Job Market


The legal job market has been greatly impacted by the down economy, but has there been a turnaround? Attorney and co-host J. Craig Williams welcomes Attorney Charles “Chad” Volkert, Executive Director of Robert Half Legal, to give an update on the legal job market.  Attorney Volkert talks about the current job market for lawyers and recent law school graduates and offers advice for job seekers.

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  • Cheryl Heisler

    Hi Craig:

    I enjoyed listening to your recent podcast with Chad from Robert Half Legal. I work with lawyers in transition and I really think you asked him all the right questions. The market isn’t quite as rosy as Chad made it sound, but I do think things are picking up.

    Have you considered recording a program on alternative careers for lawyers? Even as the market for lawyers improves, there simply will not be enough legal jobs for everyone (not to mention the growing ranks of JD’s who don’t even want to work in traditional legal realms.) Career alternatives is my field and it would be fun to cover this topic on air. Please let me know if you’d be willing to bounce this idea around. Feel free to email or call me on my cell, 312-613-7499.

    By the way, my only disagreement with you is on the Parachute book. I know it is the “bible” of the career change genre, but, in my opinion, it comes across as way too touchy-feely for attorneys……
    We can chat about this as well!


  • Gary Montgomery


    Good job with the recent podcast by Chad from Robert Half Legal. I believe this is a timely area becuase a lot of lawyers find themselves in the situation of transition. Anyway, good job!