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Craigslist Legal Scrutiny


Recently the popular online advertising site, Craigslist was in the spotlight after a medical student was accused of killing a Boston masseuse who advertised on the site. bloggers and co-hosts Bob Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams welcome Attorney Edward Wes, Outside Counsel for Craigslist and David Ardia fellow at the Berkman Center and director of the Citizen Media Law Project, to talk about regulations on online advertising sites and what is being done to monitor illegal activity on these sites.

  • Joan Muser

    In Texas the cemetery lobby is attempting to pass legislation regulating online brokers of cemetery property. (My business does not buy/sell online, but a great many like Gravesolutions etc and Craigslist do list cemetery property) Anyone who assists a lot owner to sell his cemetery property is included in the definition of “Cemetery Broker” in a proposed bill (HB2369) that would require Regisration as a Broker with the State of Texas. This Bill is purportedly aimed at ONLINE BROKERS OF CEMETERY PROPERTY. All of them are National.

    Is this even constitutional? What laws are currently in place re this sort of thing?

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