IP Counsel

What is patentable subject matter? Can a business method be patented?


What constitutes subject matter that can be patented? It’s been studied by the courts for more than 100 years. On this edition of IP Counsel, we delve into the issue and take a close look at the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the recent Bilski v. Kappos decision involving the patentability of business methods. IP Counsel host, Attorney Peter Lando, partner at the firm of Lando & Anastasi , LLP calls on special guest, Gary Ganzi, VP Intellectual Property for Siemens Water Technologies Corp. (a subsidiary of Siemens, AG), an inventor and holder of more 25 patents and co-chair of the Patent Office Practice Committee of the Intellectual Property Owners Association, to weigh in on this topic. Join us and find out what is and isn’t patent eligible and where this issue goes from here.